Bookmarks - Linen Warp

Bookmarks - Linen Warp

Project Details

Start Date: June 26, 2019
Finish Date: July 2, 2019

Inspiration: I wanted to have an earthy, stiffer bookmark with a contrasting texture and sheen using silk, bamboo, and cotton.


Warp: Linen warp from GIST Yarn, 4/12. 900 yards/lb.
Weft: Various: 18/3 Linen from Gist Yarn, 3,300 yards/lb.; Valley Yarns 5/2 Bamboo; 8/2 and 10/2 unmercenized cotton.


Loom: Louet Erica 30cm” Table Loom
Width: 1.75” in reed; 1.5” off loom
Linen Warp wpi: 27 (tight)
EPI: 12 epi
Length of warp: 3 yards
Reed size: 12 dpi
Sley: 1 per dent
Ends: 24 ends total with ends doubled
Finishing: Sprayed with water and pressed.
Notes: Left a 1” fringe on both ends.

Katte Geneta