Bookmarks - Beiges and Blue Stripes

Bookmarks - Beiges and Blue Stripes

Project Details

Start Date: June 22, 2019
Finish Date: June 25, 2019

Inspiration: Draft #55535, Stripe Design Project by Ralph Griswold available on


Warp: 10/2 cotton from WEBS
Weft: 10/2 cotton from WEBS


Loom: Louet Erica 30cm” Table Loom
Width: 1.75” in reed; 1 5/8” off loom
EPI: 24 epi
Length of warp: 3 yards
Reed size: 12 dpi
Sley: 2 per dent
Ends: 42 ends total
Finishing: Sprayed with water and pressed.
Notes: Too drapey for bookmarks. Unsure how to finish ends and will try to secure with fusible thread and then cut. Has a 1970s vibe.

Color pattern from right to left:
8 Natural, 1 White, 6 Blush, 4 Orange-y, 4 Blue, 4 Orange-y, 6 Blush, 1 White, 8 Natural

Handwoven Linen Bookmark
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Katte Geneta