Goldenrod, sand, and white

Project Details

Start Date: April 10, 2019
Finish Date: April 18, 2019

Inspiration: Designed on iWeaveIt, playing around with colors and stripes.


Warp: Italian Cotton Linen Yarn from Gist Yarn (3409 yards/1 lb. cone) in white, goldenrod, and sand
Weft: 8/2 cotton in navy, beige, white


Loom: 1953 Macomber floor loom
Width: 32.5” in reed; [measure]” washed and dried off the loom
EPI: 17.5 epi
Length of warp: 7 yards
Reed size: 10 dpi
Sley: 1-2-2-2
Ends: 570 ends total
Finishing: Machine washed cold and low heat spin dry.
Notes: Very drapey and soft, blanket-like. Stripes too narrow for the width of the fabric. Has a utilitarian, functional look.

Color pattern from right to left:
90 White, 10 Sand, 90 White, 5 Sand, 5 White, 130 White, 5 Goldenrod, 25 White, 10 Sand, 80 White, 15 Sand, 15 Goldenrod, 14 Sand, 20 Goldenrod, 18 Sand, 15 Goldenrod

Katte Geneta